Botox 2-

It Delivers Subtle Results—When Done Right

The key to “good” injections is an properly trained injector (it’s best to go to your board-certified plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon ,Nurse practitioner, or dermatologist for treatment), but, as Allergan says, one of the big benefits behind Botox is that it’s temporary and not-so-telling. “It provides temporary and subtle results when administered by a licensed and trained healthcare professional. Crow’s feet and frown lines are less noticeable, yet you’ll still look like you and be able to show expression.”

As I said yesterday, Carey Weltz FNP  Is by the best I have used.   Not only the best but she is quick because she knows what she is doing!  #revitalifestlouis #careyweltzbotox #careyweltzfiller #christinarobinsmd #christinarobinshormonesBotox

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