Weight Loss \Detox programs


Our programs are personalized to meet your individual needs and lifestyle.

Are you ready to reclaim your health and vitality? Are you searching for the underlying health issue that is causing your symptoms and undesired weight gain? Are you unsure of your next steps to healthy weight loss and maintenance?


No matter where you are on your journey to wellness, we are here to support you. Whether it’s optimizing your diet, balancing hormones, overcoming autoimmune disease, or healing a leaky gut, we’ll customize a nutrition program that is best suited to help you address the root cause, beat the symptoms and achieve your goals. By using detailed health histories and functional laboratory testing (often included in your package), we create a highly-tailored plan for individuals to lose as little as 10 pounds to those who need to lose more than 100 pounds. At RevitaLife, our mission is to help you maintain your new weight for the long term and enjoy improved health and energy.


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